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Luxury, exclusive and the best holidays! Best hotels, spa and what's the most important, great entertaiment programms: spa, relax, extrim, smart ones full of time for yourself, time for communication, educational programms! Believe, you deserve the best rest and your holidays can be perfect!



Do you know that Turkish doctors have already found the cure for the serious injures of the rachis? And in many countries varix is cured without pain and easily! Medical tourism is the chance to find the best solution, get alternative medical opinion and forget about any problems with health forever! Due to medical tourism you can find cure, spa, beauty! We will be glad to consult you about any aspects and to help to choose the best solution.



Journey can be perfect if all the preparation is done: insurance, tickets, guides, excursions, plan of your trip - all necessary preparation will be done for you.



Business always requires speed and efficiency. And it is BestMark which can offer the fastest results of appropriate quality. There are always necessary staff and resources required for the flash reaction.


You and your business are safe with us. We guarantee 100% level of confidetiality and information protection as well as 100% satisfaction. All services are accompained with 1 year guarantee. We are also glad to offer 24/7 customer support. Should be mentioned that there are no amateurs in the client support - just professional who can immediately answer all the questions and consult you on any isses.


Due to outsourcing decisions we can offer the best specialists. We analize not just other companies. During all the time we work on our own solutions, ways how to operate our company better as well as how to offer the best solutions and service to our customers. 23% of our profit is spent annualy on the improvements of the customer service as well as the service.