What is it and what can it be used for ?

In business, outsourcing involves the contracting out of a business process to another party (compare business process outsourcing). The concept "outsourcing" came from American Glossary 'outside resourcing' and it dates back to at least 1981. Outsourcing sometimes involves transferring employees and assets from one firm to another, but not always. Outsourcing is also the practice of handing over control of public services to for-profit corporations.
Outsourcing includes both foreign and domestic contracting, and sometimes includes offshoring (relocating a business function to another country). Financial savings from lower international labor rates can provide a major motivation for outsourcing or offshoring.

The simpliest form of outsourcing is translation service or water delivery, pizza delivery also.

The point is to delegate nonspecialized tasks to specialists in this sector. Thus the enterprise, first of all, economizes its own resources: time and money. Beside this the enterprise gets quality service. So outsorcing let us concentrate our efforts and key comprehension on the tasks we specialize in. Should be mentioned that the price is not always the subject for the outsourcing.

Types of the outsourcing:

1. Industial outsourcing. For example, we develop a product and then we produce it at a factory in China. Or our clien needs business cards and we make the design and then just call the company dealing with such kind of service and place the order.ипографии.

2. IT- outsourcing is the most wide spread type and the biggest one. Hiring an IT-specialist is not beneficial in most of cases but ordering such a service from time to time is quite convinient.

3. Business process outsourcing. One of the most popular is the outsourcing of accounting services. For example, in some countries openning the company you usually use the accounting services of some special companies.

Thus outsourcing helps the company concentrate on the most important tasks and do not waste time.

The following advantagies of outsourcing should be underlined:

1. Cost saving. A significant one. The wage of a specialist in your staff is bigger than the bill for 1-2 services.

2. Time saving and guarantee of regular functioning of the company.

3. Quality. The company specialized in some certain services provide them better.

According to the disadvantages of the outsourcing solution should be mentioned the fact that the clients usually are too worried about control of the situation, the process or the part. Also the client are concerned about the reliability of the outsourcing company.

Talking about the 1st disadvantage, rational approach is more necessary for business than emotional one. It is necessary to evaluate which solution will be better - to do this yourself or with the help of the other company.

2nd concern is a common situation for many business issues. To avoid dissappointment it is necessary to choose the partners carefully.

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