Market analYsIs and potential clients

Here you can see the most expensive and the most complex diagramm. And it is logical. It effects the level of success and effectiveness of your project and business. Such information for a start-up ecquals fortune telling: marketing research, competitors, customers. Such an analysis will answer the question how the market and customer will react on your products or services as well as define weaknesses of your competitors.


- marketing research;

- customer profile;

- focus groups and testing of the prototype;

- other services.



Marketing consulting is necessary for you if you are to enter new markets, increase your market share and become better than your competitors.

- Audit of the marketing system of the company.

- Organization of the optimal marketing and management system.

- Information collection process.

- Marketing strategy.



  • Brand design ;
  • PR strategy ;
  • Advertising companies;
  • PR in social networks (SMM);
  • Inthernet PR;
  • Storytelling;
  • Media analysis;
  • Events.


  1. - Study of the sales market, the company's resources and opportunities for expansion in the EU member countries' markets/ international markets.
    - Provide advice on the development of strategies and tactics to promote products.
    - Participation in the preparation of commercial offers and promotional materials to find buyers.
    - Develop a list of potential buyers for the promotion of products (services) of the Client.
    - Organizing dissemination of promotional material, as well as, if necessary, making presentations, using the exhibition samples and promotional material.
    - Planning and tracking attendance and participation at exhibitions.
    - Participation in the organization of meetings and negotiations with buyers
    - Receiving inquiries from potential clients.
    - Customer management, processing and transmission of the clients. Our specialists can respond to technical and organizational issues, as well as, to negotiate terms and prices.
    - Control the supply of products, process claims.
    - Conduct the study of tax and customs requirements necessary permits for the delivery of your products.
    - Legal and accounting support the opening of representative offices and subsidiaries.



  • Market Size
  • Growth rate of the market
  • Market trends
  • Market profitability
  • Key success factors
  • Distribution channels
  • Industry cost structure


  • Evaluating available third-party industry and consumer research
  • Reviewing competitive spending levels, where available
  • Evaluating past/current media plans
  • Posting current television buys and negotiating any make-good weight
  • Reconciling current/recent media invoices against plans and negotiating credits and make-good weight as necessary
  • Developing customized media strategy
  • Providing advertising calendars, flow charts, etc.
  • Managing and reconciling advertising budgets
  • Forecasting media weight and delivery, media costs, results
  • Providing quarterly media cost/rate targets for media buyers
  • Assessing geographic spill outside your target geography (media waste)

Media Strategy

Based on exhaustive research on industry and competitor trends and customer demographics, habits and media usage, our media planners develop a customized media strategy that is born out of each client’s specific business objectives, marketing goals, overall positioning and creative approach.   We don’t believe in “template strategies”.  Each client’s strategy is unique and reflective of their business model and the specific objectives and goals they wish achieve with the advertising investment.
While each strategy is tailored to each client’s business, the media strategy usually includes discussion and recommendations associated with the following areas:

Media Plan Objective(s)

What are the specific and measurable objectives of the media plan?  What do we want the advertising campaign to accomplish?  What do we want customers to do as the result of exposure to the advertising?  Do we want them to set an appointment?  Call a call center and purchase product over the phone?  Visit a website?  Make an online purchase?

Target Audience

Who is the target customer?  What are the demographics of the target customer that will allow us to choose media channels more effectively?


What is the geographic area in which we wish to advertise?


Is there seasonality to the industry or category?  Are there times we don’t want to advertise, or conversely, periods of the year during which we want to advertise more heavily? Do we want to advertise continuously or is “flighting” the advertising an option?

Media Channels

What are the primary channels we wish to utilize for the advertising campaign?  Are there particular media channels that lend themselves better to the category, the target consumer or the advertising message?

Creative Units

If creative already exists, what are the size of the ads, length of the commercials, shape of the banners, etc.?  If creative doesn’t yet exist, what creative units are best and what are the specs for this creative so that the necessary creative can be developed in support of the campaign?

Daypart Mix

What days or times of day are best to advertise?  Are there times or days we don’t want to run advertising?  Does the advertising need to reflect business hours?

Media Delivery Goals

What are the specific measurable media weight goals for the campaign (reach, frequency, GRP’s, impressions, visitors, etc.).  If the budget is limited, is reach or frequency more important? 


How will the results of the advertising campaign be evaluated?  What methods will be use to track and analyze the results of the campaign.

Executional Considerations

Are there any other considerations that will impact the design and execution of the media plan



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You and your business are safe with us. We guarantee 100% level of confidetiality and information protection as well as 100% satisfaction. All services are accompained with 1 year guarantee. We are also glad to offer 24/7 customer support. Should be mentioned that there are no amateurs in the client support - just professional who can immediately answer all the questions and consult you on any isses.


Due to outsourcing decisions we can offer the best specialists. We analize not just other companies. During all the time we work on our own solutions, ways how to operate our company better as well as how to offer the best solutions and service to our customers. 23% of our profit is spent annualy on the improvements of the customer service as well as the service.